Question S and Z key not working under normal circumstanceS

Sep 19, 2023
S and Z key only work under certain circumStanceS.
DoeS not work when normally preSSed but alwayS workS when preSSed with Shift or another key
If I hold S and preSS the next letter in a word it will work typing both letterS with S firSt (doeS not work with Z).
The problem iS intermittent and began a week ago I noticed it happened in the middle of me playing Scrap Mechanic but the problem occurS in and out of gameS and will work normally temporarily for Seemingly no reaSon.
I have not downloaded or inStalled anything new.
ThingS I've tried-reStored windowS to an earlier time, uninStalled keyboard driverS, removed the key to check for damage or dirt.

System Model: ROG Strix G634JZ_G634JZ
Processor: 13th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i9-13980HX, 2200 Mhz, 24 Core(s), 32 Logical Processor(s)
OS: Microsoft Windows 11 Pro
Installed Physical Memory (RAM) 32.0 GB
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 4080 laptop gpu


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Maybe see if your laptop is pending a BIOS update. Following that, you could fall back to reinstalling your OS, after recreating your bootable USB installer for Windows 11 using Windows Media Creation Tools. If after all relevant drivers are installed for your OS. If the issue persists, perhaps contact Asus or your seller to initiate an RMA, it might be a faulty keyboard.
Sep 19, 2023
updated BIOS didn't work So i factory reset and updated everything that didn't work. It's Still under warranty So I'm RMA. thank you for SuggeStionS