Question 'S' key keeps popping out along with the retainer if pressed in a particular way.

Mar 31, 2019
Laptop - Alienware 13 r3
I have made a small video if it helps.

Observations -

I tried switching the "s" key with the ";" key and it fit in the ";" key's slot perfectly, with both, its own retainer and using the original retainer of the ";" key.

I couldn't check the rubber cups because they are still glued to the keyboard.

The 's' key actually sticks out a little as well, you can see it slightly above the rest of the keys.

The type of hinge is A81 as displayed in the link -

So the problem might either be the cup or the metal hooks. The options that I have been able to brainstorm are -

Get a keyboard replacement. (Not Cheap)

Manually try and move the metal hooks with forceps so as to "lock" the key's retainer, as I feel they are the culprit. Cost effective but risky. What if I break something.

Glue the s key to the rubber cup after removing the retainer.

Any ideas?


It's likely one of the small clips is broken, or you have the small clips not in the right configuration.
Probably replacing the keyboard would be the correct way to fix this, or find a computer repair shop that may have experience with those keyboards and see if they can fix it.