May 16, 2019
Hi, wasn't too sure where to post this, hope this is the right place. About 4 days ago I encountered a problem with the booting of my desktop it would stay on the boot-up screen (where it shows the option to click on the bios) for about 1 and a half minutes which should be taking a few seconds as I have an SSD installed. Also as well as low boot up I get a very slow shutting down at least 3 minutes, now that's one of many problems. Another one I discovered is I am unable to click the shutdown button or the rest so to turn it off I need to sign out and do it that way. YET Another one that has happened today is I have two monitors, my 1st monitor works but my 2nd monitor is showing a black screen, but it shows that my 2nd monitor is plugged in and my computer detects there are two monitors. I did a test to see if it was my monitor so I plugged the HDMI cable from the 1st monitor into the other one and that works fine so it's not the monitor. I have not downloaded anything dodgy for these to happen, cannot think why this could be happening and have tried looking at youtube tutorials but no luck.

I have only had the desktop since Christmas which I built myself and has been working great until 4 days ago when these problems started :(

If any of you have any questions or answers about this I'd love to know, thanks!!


Update your post to include full system hardware specs.

Power off, unplug, and open the case. Check that cables, components, jumpers, etc. are fully and firmly in place.

Look in Reliability History/Manager and Event Viewer for error codes, warnings and even information events that correspond with the boot issues.

Look in Task Manager to see what is being launched at startup. Could be some buggy app trying to phone home, update, or backup..


Apr 13, 2019
First, as mentioned ↑ ↑ ↑, give specs on your computer..

Go to Windows Update> View updates and see if Windows installed an update about 4 days ago, if so uninstall it (press Uninstall updates).

There are at least four places to shut down your computer. In regards to your second monitor, try plugging the first Monitor and cable into the second monitor plug and visa/versa so you are testing both plugs and both cables. Also go to Display settings (search display). On the right side of the window, under "Have a question?" is a "Get help" link. Click on the link and you will find dual monitor troubleshooting.

To test if the boot up lag is drivers, boot to safe mode and see if the lag does away, usually F8 or similar when you see the flash screen.
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