Question S2719DGF, NO dp or HDMI signal randomly. NOT your regular case, I promise

Jan 13, 2022
I'll list all my specs on the bottom for easy access.

To anyone who sees this and replies, I do thank you in advance for any helpful tips and reading this whole message, I can post my email as well for any follow ups.

I believe I have tried almost everything to get this issue to stop, it first happened two days ago while playing APEX, all of a sudden mid game the screen turned black and I was told my monitor had no input device, I quickly forced shut down my pc and started it back up and I thought everything was fine, and the issue happened again minutes later. I then tried a HDMI cable instead of my DP (Display port) and still had the same issue, it would black out at random times, it would happen faster once I started a video game up.

I then noticed that my display adapter driver, I'll say DAD for short, was disabled and my display resolution in System > Display was grayed out and in the Advanced display settings there was no option for refresh rate where there should be. I then uninstalled my DAD using the program DDU in safemode to remove the drivers properly and reinstalled afterwards, which fixed the minor issues that I just listed above. I then updated the DAD to the latest version Adrenalin 22.1.1 1/11/2022. That didn't help with anything and the screen would black out and I had to force shut down my pc every time it happened and when I started it back up the DAD was disabled again and the screen resolution was locked as well.

After further research I cleaned both my ram sticks as well as my gpu, no help. I thought it may have been a BIOS issue so I updated that properly but still nothing. My second to last resort was to factory reset my pc and that still didn't help, my last resort is to buy a new gpu which I’ve seen a few people online say it worked for them.
Once again thank you for your time.

Monitor- Dell S2719DGF
OS- was running Windows 10 home x64, just installed to Windows 11 home although im probably going to go back to 10
Motherboard- H410M-1 Pro (MS-7C89) it's a MSI board
CPU- Intel i5-10400 2.90 GHz
GPU- ASUS Dual RX580 8GB
Bios Version/Date- installed newest one today- AMI 1.90, 11/5/2021 previously was 1.60 8/20/2020
All parts were bought new around November 2021