Sabertooth 990fx, AMDFX4100 CPU LED flash once no boot.


May 30, 2012
Hello, got a little problem after buying the parts for my computer, I'm guessing it's the motherboard.

But the symptom is that the CPU LED when I pressed the power button only flashed once and never again even after I press the power button a few times.

This is what I got so hopefully it will help out.

Sabertooth 990fx mobo
AMD FX 4100
Asus GTX550TI
Corsair vengeance ram 8gb
Antec 650w power supply 80 plus bronze

I did the one ram installed method.

I checked the CPU allignment and it's properly alligned no pins are bent and it's in perfect condition.

During installation motherboard is grounded while it's inside the case along with myself since I'm constantly touching the case while I was installing the CPU.

Everything is plugged in all the fans/videocard/HD/DVD drive.

So I'm lost at what went wrong. I'm still guessing is the motherboard DOA.