May 10, 2010
Hi Everyone,

Basically this is one of my last contenders for a new board, i'm looking at running 2 high end graphic cards in it unconfirmed choices. so anyway what i want to know is if i put 2 graphic cards in the 2 x16 slots. Can i then use a xonar STX in the bottom most PCIE x16 (bandwidth of x8 i believe). this is a really important question for me when buying a board because i want to be able to run 2 cards and the stx with its 5.1 daughter card.

Cheers in advance,

You will need to put the 2 GPUs in Slots PCIEX16_1 & PCIEX16_3 for them to function at 16x
If you put the STX in the last slot the PCIEX16_4 then you'll get it running at 8x, but, the PCIEX16_3 will also go back to 8x instead of the 16x it's supposed to be at.
So basically you'll get a CF at 8x and the STX running at 8x. That is not bad at all. You will be able to run them all pretty well.
But if the STX is a PCIe x1 type of card that it's supposed to be, then you can have both the GPUs running at 16x and the STX running at 4x..... and that would be the ultimate system.....if you plug the STX into the PCIe2.0x1_1 Slot.