Sabertooth P67 bios/setup crashing!


Nov 9, 2011
Recently I purchased a new motherboard (Sabertooth P67) and processor (Intel core i7 3.4 2600k) in a string of upgrades. These two components arrived later than most, so while I waited for them, I upgraded my old computer with the new stuff that had already arrived. Everything worked fine at that point. After the mobo and cpu arrived, I installed, turned it on, and though not at it's best, windows did manage to start up. However nothing worked (I had neglected to wipe the previous drivers). So I restarted with the intention of going into the bios, optimizing everything, then doing a fresh reformat; only I never even got as far as changing any settings. As soon as the bios starts to load up, it shows a little green pointer for a moment, then crashes and restarts the computer. It does this every single time now.

What's more, I can't get as far in windows as I first did now. It will only run system restore, which fails every time, or if I bypass that, it blue screens. There's no indication that it is doing a POST on screen, but I believe it is as all the internal components go through their check light stages as it starts up. I'm at my wits' end here. I can't reformat because the boot order has the hdd first; I can't change the boot order because setup crashes before it even starts; I can't update bios because I can't even run bios; I can't hard reset the bios because this stupid chunk of plastic on the mobo is blocking the battery. I don't know what to do at this point; I've tried googling for the past couple hours and have gotten nowhere. Any help anyone can provide will be hugely appreciated. Thank you.

Intel core i7 3.4 2600k
Sabertooth P67
8GB G-skill DDR3 1066
AMD Radeon 6990
1000W Rosewill Lighting PSU

I'll post a short video of the process soon.


Here's the first one where you can see what's going on inside the case. Every time the fans speed up is when it restarts:

And here's the second one, where you can see on the monitor what is going on:


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