News Sabrent Releases 7-in-1 Steam Deck Dock With M.2 SSD Slot


Oct 29, 2015
What's with the hate boner for Valve?

First of all, calling this "similarly priced" is disingenuous, as its normal price is $140.

Second I went back and checked the review where you said the Deck Dock was "we thought was both uninspiring and a poor value."

So the two alternates you suggested in that article were both lacking features of the dock (the Anker lacked DP and Ethernet, the other from the company you've never heard of had Ethernet but still lacked DP).

BOTH of them are also missing the 45W charging brick that comes with the Dock. So yeah, there's a reason those are cheaper. Additionally, neither one can be used as a stand. You don't mention it in that article but Valve has the Dock built in such a way that you can plop the Deck right in and still be able to use it with your hands if you're so inclined.

Is it more than a lot of people will need? Yes. If the popularity of the Switch Lite indicates anything it's that plenty of people are just fine with their handhelds staying handhelds.

Is it a bad value? Absolutely not.