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Jan 27, 2011
Hello, I recently purchased a Tripp Lite PDU (PDUMH30HV) which has 2x20a internal breakers.
This PDU is rated for 30A max.

We have a 50A circuit breaker which previously powered an RV in the house's main breaker panel, and so we are planning to hire an electrician to swap that breaker out for a 30A breaker, swap the 50A wiring to 30A wiring, swap the socket on this circuit from a NEMA 14-50R to an L6-30R for this PDU, and relocate the socket from the outside of the house to inside but on an exterior wall.

The PDU will power 2x1600W power supplies in tandem via C14 to C13 power cords. Both power supplies will eventually be running at 80% capacity simultaneously, as they will be part of a crypto mining rig running 6 (eventually 12) RTX 3090's or whatever the latest model is in the future, so they will draw a significant amount of power. As mentioned, eventually I plan to add another 6 GPUs to this rig, and I am estimating currently around 5kw maximum from the PDU before tuning the 12 GPUs via underclocking and whatnot to lower the power draw. The power supplies will be upgraded to server PSUs before adding additional GPUs.

I am concerned that the GPUs could draw enough power to overload the C14 to C13 power cords but not trip the PDUs internal breakers, which I believe could lead to a fire in those power cords.
I have been googling trying to find answers about whether this concern is valid, and found a post that was semi-helpful (15A vs. 20A power cord questions | Audiogon Discussion Forum) but I'd really like some additional confirmation that what I'm thinking is safe.

As mentioned we haven't hired an electrician yet, and I could probably ask the one we hire but given his experience will likely not be with crypto mining, I thought I'd do more research online.

Is my concern about a possible fire from connecting the 15A cords to a PDU with 20A breakers valid?
Would the PDU's breakers be able to trip properly during an overload in this kind of setup?
Should I connect one PSU to one of the PDUs breaker banks, and the other PSU to the other breaker bank, or should they both be connected to the same bank?
Any guidance or help would be greatly appreciated.
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