Question Same Old Freezing issue

Jul 4, 2019
I know you guys hear the same issues over and over again but I have another one. I had a hardware issue from when my computer was built by the manufacturer where the Wireless Lan card was jammed underneath the Graphics card for about two years ( I failed to perform a general visual inspection after purchase ) during heat the cycles... long story short... I replaced the mother board, Graphics card & power supply. I got everything up and running except for one issue. During game play eg. Mechwarrior Online: sometimes the Graphics card fans gradually speed up and temp go up until I get a Fatal Error DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED D3D Device Hung, then sometimes it doesn't. World of Warcraft, consistently, starts out fine then the GPU fans gradually spool up until the game crashes with in about 3-4 minutes. Troubleshooting I have accomplished are as follows;
Reloaded Window's (kept files not full wipe)
Removed and replaced Graphics Card Drivers
Flashed Mother Board BIOS
Cleaned Registry / Added a DXGI_ERROR fix which didnt help much
Re-seated Graphics card / Re-seated Plugs
Downloaded EVGA Over clocking SW to monitor Temps (but I dont understand most of it, not overclocking GPU)
De-fragged / all other lame maintenance things

I'm semi computer savvy but not so much. Things I was going to try were Full Wipe Windows install, Re-apply thermal paste on GPU , return the Graphics card, throw computer out of the window

I have SPECCY list but not sure about the personal info in it So Ill give basics:
  • Operating System: Windows 10 Home 64-bit
  • CPU: Intel Core i7 7700K @ 4.20GHz
  • RAM: 32.0GB
  • Motherboard: MSI Z270 PC MATE (MS-7A72) BIOS: 1.A0 7/4/2018
  • Graphics: 3071MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti (Gigabyte) 11GB
Driver version
BIOS Version
Jul 4, 2019
and what the cpu/gpu temp during the game?
make and model of the psu?
using ssd?
So, GPU Temp begins around 40C... starting a game. CPU does not really change at least I havent monitored that specifically. Then depending on the game it (the GPU) ramps up significantly ( along with Fan Speed ) usually on a good day stabilizes around 84C (Mech Warrior Online) which is what I set the EVGA XOC temperature to. When I say "good Day" I mean when the House Air Conditioner has kicked in. Ive noticed more issues in the morning prior to A/C on. Again Possibly Heat. Then (usually World of Warcraft) 5 minutes in the fan speed continues to increase regardless of temp setting until it either Shuts the monitor off or Freezes with the weird Color Red Green Blue White blocks included. Which to me seems like a heat issue.

So since my last post, I have not yet re-thermal-pasted the GPU. I have decided to reload windows completely wiped Hard Drive and started over loading Windows updates first then Graphics drivers. I am using the computer to type this but have not attempted any games as of yet. I will update when I do. Make and model of *New PSU is some Seasonic 80 Plus Gold 850 watt modular PSU. Old was a 800 80 Plus Bronze so new is a upgrade less manufacturer reliability. Ive never heard of Seasonic but I don't dive into computer hardware often. Yes I have a 500gb SSD, which seems to house my operating System. I read about SSD's failing or giving errors but I need to verify the issue with this new "build / Fresh Windows" prior to R&R SSD or affiliate hardware... Hope you agree. I am having issues figuring out the EVGA XOC overclock software to monitor heat / voltage ratio's or whatever it uses. Hopefully This time around I can gleen more about it. Wish there was a "Standard" with the voltage to temp ratio but apparently you have to play with it.

Hope I answered your questions adequately

UPDATE: After a Fresh Install of windows (Wipe HHD) / Loaded all drivers / Windows Updates. Installed 1 Game no add ons, low graphics settings, after starting game computer froze in 3 minutes

UPDATE #2: Re-installed EVGA XOC and clocked down GPU & Memory Clock... was able to actually play a bit without crashing... Please tell me if I'm wrong. could this be a PSU under power issue? I bought a new 850W 80+ Gold SeaSonic PSU and installed it but now I'm wondering if it doesn't have enough power to support the card. I just ordered a EVGA 1300W Gold PSU to try out. I also read a post someone had the same issue and he upgraded PSU (again) and it fixed everything so, hopefully thats the issue. Please let me know if thats a dumb idea =)
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