Samsung 226bw has a vertical line


Jul 7, 2009
I have a Samsung 226bw monitor that is a little over a year old. It has worked well until yesterday. When I turned it on, before booting my PC, there was a bright green verticle line about an inch and one half from the right edge. Is there firmware involved that I can refresh or is the monitor bad? I have tried changing settings for the display, but it had no
effect on the vertical line. Again, the line is there before the PC is turned on. Just the monitor is on. The menu on this site made me enter a subsection or sub-category before I could submit the question. None fit the problem.


May 17, 2009

My guess is this line is still there when the computer is on :p

Any ways... seems as tho the monitor has gone bad or its got a bad signal

Try a new cable and see if that helps

Uber :D
A lot of people have had this problem with the 226BW. I've had mine for two and a half years (paid over $300 for it when new, UGH!) but have been lucky so far. When this happens, it's toast.

Search for that monitor on and check out the pictures sent in by buyers.