Question Samsung 32" curved monitor only working in EyeSaver mode.

Jan 30, 2020
Samsung 32" Curved Monitor Model: C32F397FWN.

I've bought this monitor refurbished 2.5 months ago and it has seemed to work fine since. I bought it to use for work so I immediately started using it in eyesaver mode and rarely took it out of it. It was hooked to a company-provided thin client computer via display port. So I never really pushed the ability of the monitor up until now. I recently got a new mid built gaming rig and wanted to dedicate the Samsung to it.

The issue is the monitor will not continue displaying when the monitor is not in eyesaver mode now. As I stated I basically never tried normal display settings during any of my use thus far, I just assumed they would work since the monitor was doing just fine. Now if I switch is to normal display, the screen will stay on anywhere from 10s-2mins. At which time it will go black, no back-light black, and the light doesn't turn on indicating standby. If I hold down the monitors power switch from 5s-10s the monitor will come back on. If I can get into eyesaver mode again it'll stay on, if not it'll turn back off after a period of time and repeat. I can also get it to start displaying again by removing and reinserting the HDMI cord, then it will again go black after a period of time. I have tested several cords. This issue has persisted through two computers and I'm kinda at a loss.

My gut tells me it's a power issue, so I'm inclining towards replacing the external power supply. But I was really hoping someone with a little more knowledge could weigh in on where to start.