Samsung 830 not detected


Nov 23, 2008
My new Samsung 830 is not detected by Windows 7 after I installed it. I can see it in the BIOS.
I have installed the Samsung SSD Magician software which confirms that my SSD has the latest firmware.
I have also tried downloading another version of Magician at + the windows version of the newest firmware. It still confirms that my firmware is up to date.

What could be wrong?
I'm quessing that you just stuck the SSD in and went to windows OS on the HDD.

1) the reason it does not show up is that you must first Initialize it / Partition and format it form Disk management- DON'T Do This.
With SSD disconnected.
First verify that your bios is set to AHCI, if NOT you will need to:
.. Do a registy edit, then reboot
.. When rebooting go to BIOS and change to ahci
.. Boot to windows on the HDD (just to verify HDD is readable)
.. Disconnect the HDD, and connect the SSD.
.. Install windows on to the SSD. Note: it will show up as unpartitioned. Windows install will partition the drive!!
.. After windows is installed and up an running, then shut down and connect HDD - don't forget to set boot prioity to SSD in BIOS.

Note - If you did not heed the "DON'T:
Follow the steps above, BUT
insert the folowing step - Insert windows DVD disk and select custom install and on page showing the drive select advanced and DELETE the partition created by windows disk manager.

Do not forget to make the following tweeks:
.. Disable Hibernation - save an amount of space equal to your ram.
.. Manage your page file (Virtual mmeory). Set min and max to the same value (I use 1024 mb for 4+ gigs of ram)
.. Disable restore points or at LESS limit the amount of disk space as this folder can grow to a very large size over time.
.. Move My Document folder to HDD
.. Make sure you direct internet downloads to a folder on HDD.

And Finally:
After windows is installed, windows updates completed, drivers and programs loaded verify all is working good - then activate - and USE Windows backup to perform an image of your SSD (located in control Panel!! at any time and for what ever reason you will be able to restore your system to this state in 10 to 15 Min.
NO re-install OS, No wait to download and install windows updates, no reload drivers and programs. Just pop in a windows Installation disk (or use the "restore disk" that once the image is completed you will be prompted to make). Just select repair, restore from image and 10 min later you boot to the exact same state as when you created the image.



Nov 23, 2008
I can't select a best answer, the button is missing.

Another thing is that Emerald and Retiredchief both made very good answers, but retiredchiefs post has taught me a lot about the subject.

I did it the hard way and formatted after changing to AHCI.

Thanks guys.