Samsung 830 VS Corsair Force GT


Apr 22, 2012
I am looking for a fast SATA III SSD to replace my old, barely usable HDD. I have been doing some research and have narrowed my choices down to two. It seems as if the Corsair Force GT and the Samsung 830 are the best on the market right now. MaximumPC reported low writes with the Force GT, but many people have been reporting 490-515 MB a second. I know there was I firmware issue with all Sandforce drives, but I seems to be resolved. Both of the drives are on sale for $150 on Amazon. Can you please recommend a SSD? Thank you all.

Deleted member 217926

Samsung 830. Best in terms of reliability and speed. It's on sale right now at BuyDig for $118 with free shipping. Add it to your cart and log in/create an account to see the sale price. It's dirt cheap and I am not sure how long it will be on sale so you might want to jump on it.

256GB version is only $235. I paid that for my 120GB Vertex 2 two years ago when it was new. First time I have seen it for less than $1 a GB.