Samsung 840 EVO (250Gb) vs. Crucial MX100 (256Gb)


Oct 31, 2013
I currently have a 120Gb Plextor (M5S) and I am really running low on space, having BF4 on it that takes up over half of the drive...

The question is in the title: I want to get a new, larger SSD (not too pricey) and those are the two drives I have come down to. Where I'm purchasing them, they have the identical price of about 120 USD and I am wondering which to get.

PS. I have seen reviews and comparisons of the 840 EVO, but I really want to know if the 840 EVO is actually better, considering it is one year older than the mx100...

All help appreciated!!
Both perform similarly, but yes EVO does edge MX out quite a few times, sadly in numbers we don't deal with in real world tasks. I always said, 'get the cheaper one' whenever this question was asked. But right now, I'd go with EVO, simply due to slightly better performance.

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