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Samsung 840 Evo or Crucial M500?


Dec 25, 2012
Hi all,

I am looking at buying a new ssd for my setup. I have narrowed it down between the Crucial M500 240gb and the Samsung 840 EVO 250gb which I found for the same price of £125 each.

I have been doing quite a bit of reading about the matter (still far from being an expert). I have heard that the Samsung has better controllers and is ever so slightly faster, at that margin not an issue.

The only thing I am wondering about now is the power loss prevention in the M500. Is it a major? I am basically tossing up between an extra 10gb and the power protection.

Any help would be appreciated!


My setup is :

i5 4670k
Asus Gryphon z87
8gb Crucial Tactical Tracer
Asus HD7770
2tb WD Caviar Blue


May 8, 2012
Samsung has a RAM cache software that ups its speed to an astounding 1,000 MB/s. Also it has reliability software in the works. So already it is far faster and soon will be as reliable, though as of now it seems all SSD's are plenty reliable for home usage.

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