Samsung 840 Evo RAPID vs 840 Pro

EVO. Agreed.

However, much of the info I've found about Rapid Mode suggests it doesn't make much difference in REAL WORLD usage.

120GB is plenty for most users as the main drive for Windows/Apps if you have games, downloads etc on another drive like a 2TB HDD.

For people with LAPTOPS I've been recommending the Seagate SSHD's if they have only one bay and need more than 120GB (closer to 90GB after overprovisioning).

Samsung 840 Pro/Evo setup:

2. Install SSD (and Windows if main drive, or CLONE)
3. Install Samsung Magician, overprovision, update firmware, benchmark
4. Uninstall Samsung Magician as a window pops up on boot (hopefully sorted next version)

- cloning a drive in IDE mode (BIOS) to an SSD can prevent bootup. There are workarounds.
- a few motherboards have SSD issues, in some cases a BIOS update can fix this (mostly older ones)
- for best performance make sure to use your best SATA 6gbps controller (Intel is best)