samsung 840 evo vs 850 evo vs crucial mx100


Feb 4, 2013
im looking for either a 250gb or 500gb ssd and these are my three choices so far, in your guys opinion whats the better ssd. i really want a 500gb ssd but im not sure if their worth the price, my steam games take up around 230gb so im thinking i may need one in the long run if i want to have my OS on it as well. i like the crucial mx100 because its cheap but im not sure how much that reflects in quality.
840 evo $127=250gb $224=500gb
850 evo $130=250gb $258=500gb
mx100 $104=256gb $199=512gb
I normally recommend Samsung solid state drives. They perform well and have a proven track record. However, if you are on a tight or limited budget the Crucial MX 100 is a very good entry level ssd. The MX100 performs well and is quite popular.

I maintain the ssd database listed in a sticky at the very top of this forum section. Here is the link:

Scroll down to the Crucial section and follow the links to the technical reviews of the MX 100. You can also check out the Samsung ssd's and any other brands you might be interested in.

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