Question Samsung 870 Evo not working on Dell Optiplex 390 DT ?

Jun 22, 2022

i have recently purchased a new 2.5-inch Samsung 870 Evo SATA SSD to replace the original hard drive it came with because the system is slow because my hard drive runs almost 24/7 at 100% usage which is bottlenecking my cpu to high usage as well, but after a few mins-hours it is a little bit better. When i want to turn on my desktop with the SSD to install windows 10 with a bootable usb it doesn't want to boot to the bios after pressing F2 nor does it start the windows 10 setup, it just gives a black screen.

When i tried it on my 2nd laptop it worked so i could install windows 10 on the ssd. after getting windows 10 on the ssd with my 2nd laptop and putting it back in my desktop it still doesn't want to boot/load to windows 10 and not the bios either. It just gives a black screen again. It only boots to windows 10 with the original hard drive, not even the bios too. Any help for that?



There are several SATA ports on your Dell system MoBo, what happens if you unplug the HDD and plug the SSD into the very same SATA port?

Also, while rare, but still possible, is hardware restrictions. Now, the Dell you have, is prebuilt and it may very well have hardware restrictions on it, whereby only "allowed" drives work with the PC and others do not.