Question Samsung 960 Evo Huge Performance Loss After Firmware Update

Jun 18, 2020
Hello everyone,
I have been using this SSD for 3 years now without a problem on my MSI Z270 Gaming M5 motherboard. I don't know why and how but I found out there's an official software for my SSD called Samsung Magician. I saw that there's a firmware update for the SSD. I was immediately going to update it but then I saw the benchmark test section. I should probably run a test and then update the firmware to see the difference. I ran a benchmark test and took a picture with my phone:

Then I updated the firmware of my Samsung 960 Evo. And this is after-update results:

Run the test twice and still same results. What's up with this huge performance loss? What's the problem? How can I fix this?
Jun 29, 2020
Did you upgrade the firmware on the drive with the OS already installed? If so that’s more then likely the issue. What environment are you running? How many drives on the system? Assuming windows is your Os then go into device manager and try to roll back the driver or can you download the previous version of firmware? I’m trying to throw out anything I can think of with the limited info.