Samsung 970 evo overheating?

Jan 28, 2019
So recently I've been thinking about getting a new ssd since I'm low on memory and I've ended up choosing between 970 evo and 860 evo. And the deciding factor for me would be the temperatures of 970 evo, overheating and how much of a problem they are. So basically if I'll struggle with the temperatures overheating etc. I'll just choose the 860 evo plus I might buy the one with more storage. But if the temperatures are fine, nothing is wrong, I wont overthink etc. I'll just go for the 970 evo. Also, I don't think I'll ever need the numbers 970 evo offers since I'm gaming on my pc 90% of the time but why not xd.

Please help me I have no idea, been stuck choosing for the entire day and haven't decided yet.

Thank you for your time!


I'm, not aware of any widespread reports of the 970EVO overheating?
Runs a little warmer than it's predecessors (~5'C), but hardly in problematic territory.

Controllers for the drives will always be pretty warm during large/sequential file transfers but for day-to-day use, predominantly gaming I don't see it being a problem at all?