Question Samsung 970 evo stuck in PCIE 3x2 ?


Jul 31, 2018
hey guys , thanks in advance for any help ! just like the title says I just bought a Samsung 970 evo and installed it into the dim2 slot on my asus maximums ix apex mother board that by the instructions should support two nvme m.2 ssds at pcie 3x4 but im getting poor speeds and Samsung magician says im in 3x2. I updated the driver and I went into bios and switched the m.2 slot from auto to pcie and it made no deference. ive seen searching google that other people on other maximus boards have the option to switch from 3x2 to 3x4 but I do not see it on mine. it may be worth mentioning I just did a clean install on this ssd and the boot time dont seem that much faster, with it hanging for 5 or so real time seconds during post with the QCODE AE " legacy boot event " and the windows boot logo is present during this time. then it boots into windows and all is well. . . .well except the read and write speeds
My own older Z270 mainboard has BIOS settings for allocating either 2x lanes or 4x to at least one of it's M.2 slots, and opting for sharing bandwidth w/ SATA ports vice disabling them...

I'd search thoroughly in BIOS menus for similar options...