Question Samsung 970 PRO NVMe M.2 1TB Vs Gigabyte Aorus 1TB M.2 NVMe Gen4 SSD

Nov 4, 2020
I have a confusion in between these two SSD's below, Could you please help me to select one for my new PC Build.

Samsung 970 PRO NVMe M.2 1TB Gen4 Internal SSD - INR 25K
Max. sequential read/write (MB/s) - 3500/2700
4K random read/write performance (IOPS) - 500K/500K

Refer -

Gigabyte Aorus 1TB M.2 NVMe Gen4 Internal SSD - INR 18K
Max. sequential read/write (MB/s) - 5000/4400
4K random read/write performance (IOPS) - 750K/750K

Here you can see Samsung costing much higher but Gigabyte not only cost less but also the performance values are lot better than Samsung. Actually you may think that this is very straight forward choice but still I want to make sure what Gigabyte shows it's just not for display purpose but also it's really do what they said. Please share your thoughts on this and help me decide to select the best NVMe M.2 1TB Gen4 Internal SSD in the market. I have the budget of 25K for 1TB but if it's possible to get in less price then why not. Waiting to hear back from you. Thanks
The numbers on the gigabyte aren't just for show, they are real and the ssd does perform like that, but those are very non-day to day use cases.
how often do you copy just 1 big 200gig file? usually you browse, or search, which needs much higher IOPS at lower QD.
The 500k on the samsung and 750k on the gigabyte are at a QD of 4k.
you need to look at the latency, and smaller QD tests to actually check, And you'll see the samsung and the Gigabyte are almost the same actually.

Samsung is more expensive since they just have a better reputation, and are more of a "brand". they are also known to be more reliable.
For you, the end user, i'd get the gigabyte, since it's the same performance, and has pcie gen 4 which will come in handy in a few years.
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