Question Samsung Ativ Book 6 Freezing

Dec 12, 2019
Hello guys.

Recently I bought a Samsung Ativ Book 6 (already used) and sooner I started to face freezing problems while trying to play games. Usually, when I try to initiate a game (or seconds after initiating one) the laptop freezes, needing to shutdown with the power button.

This laptop has two graphics cards: one is a Intel HD Graphics 4000 and the other an AMD HD8850m. Apparently, leaving only the first one enabled, the laptop does not face such problems. But the Intel is way inferior than AMD (in gaming and in some softwares). I've tried updating the drivers, rollbacking versions, and when I finnished installing the Adrenalin 2020 (or 2019, can't remember for sure) the notebook froze. And since this happend, everytime that I tried to login in my laptop, it froze (similar to what happens in games). So, I had to reset the windows and installed just the MSI Afterburner and Crysis SP Demo. I was able to play it properly twice, and then the laptop started to freeze in when initializing the game again. This does not seen to be an overheating problem since it happens when both cpu and gpu are in the idle temperatures. But I've noticed that this laptop has overall heating problems, since the CPU reaches almost 100° and the GPU 90~95° while gaming.

I've tried reseaching about similar problems and seems like many people had problems with Dell laptops that has very similar hardware when updating from Windows 8 to 10. But such problems happened years ago. Some noticed that, after updating to Windows 10, the keybord's retroiluminnance stoped working (a feature that I had no idea that exists, since this notebook does not show anything. Besides, before updating to Windows 10, some experienced that the monitor's brightness is not adjustable anymore (and it seems to happen here).

The actual AMD and Intel's drivers are:
AMD: 26.20.15002.61

Can someone please guide me to solve such problem or have seen something similar?
- Specs-
Core i5 3230M 2,6Ghz (3,2Ghz Boost)
8GB RAM DDR3 1600
Intel HD Graphics 4000
AMD Radeon HD 8850M
Windows 10 Pro