Question Samsung EVO 256 GB SSD detected in BIOS, not detected in Disk Management Windows 10 Pro

Nov 6, 2020
Hi Everyone,

I have been trying to set up my new Samsung EVO SSD 250 GB by replacing my DVD/CD drive. I replaced the DVD drive with a fitting caddy, attached the SSD to it and inserted it into my Laptop.
The SSD is detected in BIOS. But when I tried to set it up from Windows, it doesn't show in disk management or device manager.
I'm unable to set it up.

IDE/ATA ATPI Controller driver is currently : intel(r) 6th generation core processor family platform i/o sata ahci controller

When I changed my IDE/ATA ATPI Controller driver to Standard SATA AHCI Controller, the SSD shows up everywhere. It is detected in Device Manager, Disk Management and also in the Samsung Magician software.
Now the problem happens is that I cannot format the new SSD to move on to transfer the OS.
I tired normal formatting, CMD to format, diskpart, third party softwares, but nothing seems to work. It does not format the disk and I'm completely stuck.

Any help will be appreciated.

HP Notebook
Model : 15-AC 179TX