Question Samsung G7 restarting on program change/screen overlays


Aug 11, 2018
Hi all.

I've had this problem for a couple of months now and I'm not really sure what the cause is.

I have a Samsung Odyssey G7 27" monitor connected via displayport to a founders RTX 3080. I also have two LG monitors, one over DP and one over HDMI. VSync is turned off.

When I have certain things open (e.g. some games made in Unity), any kind of Windows overlay causes the monitor to restart - for example pressing the windows key to open start menu, or adjusting volume causing the volume overlay to appear. The games are never in full-screen mode; I avoid full-screen mode for all games because it causes issues like this when tabbing out anyway.

One thing I've noticed is if I have OBS open on another display, I can still completely see what's happening on my primary display during the monitor restart. Windows isn't freezing or anything like that, I believe the issue is purely with the monitor itself. I could be wrong though; maybe the signal drops for a fraction of a second or something?

Things I've noticed the issue happening with:
  • Newer PTS builds of Clone Hero (Unity 20.x.x) (live release build on Unity 18.x.x is fine)
  • Surgeon Simulator 2 (Unity 19.x.x)
  • Microsoft Teams while in a meeting where people are streaming video
  • During launching modded Minecraft (Java) - for this, the screen stays off for the entire load period (4-5 mins) - much longer than the 2-3 seconds of flickering other things cause.
I'm sure there were a few other things too so I may update the list later. I don't play a huge variety of games - things like Overwatch and Apex Legends have no problems at all.

I can't really find much information about this so hoping someone might have suggestions? Most of my google results are about an unrelated "flickering" issue where the brightness is varying and I don't have that.