[SOLVED] Samsung g8 (qd-oled), help?

Feb 6, 2023
Greetings, welcome to my 3rd attempt of writing this, in advance I do apologize for my gruesomely bad English and paragraphing(?).

I just bought the new QD OLED G8 34BG85 from Samsung a month ago, a week later I experienced problems.
I have what I believe is artifacts ( I am not sure about this as I am in fact a educated dumbass.), I will now try to the best of my ability try to explain what I am experiencing.
Just in case it matters my pc specs are:
Intel 12900k
MSI suprim x 3080ti
Corsair Dom. Plat. 5200mhz DDR5 32GB
Asus ROG max hero z690
(just ask if more info is need)

The problem (at this point in time):
Bright green pixel lines that started all the way at the bottom off the screen. 1pixel in height and what seems to be in random lengths.
The flicker of the bright green lines seems to have a random duration of being on and off.
Earlier this morning the problem became worse, now it flickers randomly(?) (seemingly) single pixels in bright green throughout the whole screen.
The green pixel lines at the bottom is not flickering at this moment in time while the random single pixels are flickering randomly throughout the whole screen.
As the random pixels throughout the monitor is a brand new thing I have not tried anything to see what I can do to remove/start/change it.

When the problem usually occurs:
Sometimes when launching a game (very rarely)
but as we all do we alt-tab to get to spotify, discord, etc. and this is when it usually starts. Not necessarily the first or 2nd time, as far as I can see it happens at random.
The new found "symptom" I have now experienced I have no clue as I have not started anything that would trigger the lines.

What I have tried currently:
I have indeed tried turning my PC off and on. (Removes the problem till triggered again.)
Turning the monitor off and on does not seem to do anything.
I have the latest software and firmware available on the monitor.
I updated my GPU driver and as usual chose the clean install that Geforce Experience offers. (changed nothing I am aware off.)
I have tried pressing windows+CTRL+shift and B, supposedly restarts GPU drivers. ( Does nothing, as I can see at least)
Checked if the cable was seated properly, and from what I can tell it is. I would like to try another cable but it seems like a cable stores in my area do not hold. ( if the cable is a problem I will order a new one as it is a 2-3 week delivery time from the closest store.)

There is two things I have found to help the problem temporarily, sometimes if I alt tab in and out of full screen applications ( you know when your monitor turns black when going into games?) multiple times it seems to remove it. ( the same way the problem occurs I guess?)
the second way is to restart the PC.

I started googling, feeling brave thinking this will be quick and easy to find an answer for, 2-3 hours of googling later I have now arrived here in a nervous and worried state.
If I can humbly ask for the small loan of knowledge and wisdom about this particular problem.

Kind regards, Alex / Prima

It is hard to see as the iPhone 14max pro can't take a good video of the screen for the life of it.
But you see the flickering pixels at the bottom pixel line.
Feb 6, 2023
include some more images(screen shots, snips, captures), not video, of these green pixels.
A screen shot does not show them, or I am just not able to capture it at the right time as the flicker on and off quite fast.
I will try to get a better recording or picture when it appears again, most likely later today.

However you are still able to see the quite bright flickering line at the bottom of the monitor on the video.
Feb 6, 2023
apparently it is a software issue with the monitor as alot of reports of the same thing happening to other owners of the monitor.