Samsung Galaxy Pocket Plus Leaked

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Apr 22, 2011
[citation][nom]fuzzion[/nom]How will we type on this?[/citation]
You could download bigger onscreen keyboard in Google Play store if the default keyboard is too small for you. Also, almost every Galaxy phone come with Bluetooth, so you could link a Bluetooth keyboard for more enjoyable typing experience.


Maybe a good emerging markets phone, but it's going to have serious problems running software (or even just the OS) with those specs. I can't imagine how badly it will perform running a few badly-coded apps.


Nov 30, 2012
This is targeted for emergent countries, not Western Europe, North America, Japan or South Korea.I have a Galaxy Pocket (GT-S5300B), and well, the only thing interesting in it is the price, as it is the cheapest phone with Android OS available (still using jurassic Gingerbread).Wi-Fi and 3G are the only thing I looked for in this smartphone besides price.

Overall, Galaxy Pocket sucks hard: only 290 MB of RAM, ridicle 2.0 MP camera, weak CPU, really small 2.8" display (I'm 6'3", so my hands are big, thus I have a bit of trouble typing with thumbs), and you can't even have many tabs open in Opera Mobile browser without crashing the OS, because there's not enough memory.Forget about playing videos (MP4, for example): you can choose audio or video, but no both in sync.

I could have chosen a Galaxy S3 or a tablet, but I'm definitely not paying the price retailers are asking for them where I live (Brazil).Folks in civilized lands (developed countries) should avoid this smartphone like the plague.

EDIT: forgot to bash the battery, turn on Wi-Fi or 3G and you'll see the 1200 mAh unit needing recharging in less than 12 hours having 100% charge.
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