Question Samsung Galaxy s8 Plus Purple Display

Aug 26, 2018
hello everybody im not sure if I should post this here but I don't know what else to do so a few days ago i bought a new phone a s8 plus of of facebook for 190 pound everything seemed fine until i got home with it and then i started to notice that something waswrong with the screen now its nothing that affects me using it its the colours as you can see in the pictures the whites appear to be more of a purple. well everything seems purpleish and pinkish theres two pictures the top one shows it without any of the semi fixs ive tryed and the bottom is with them

From what ive read online it sounds like its the red tint problem but none of the fixs that would solve it seem to solve this problem what ive done is ive went into the advanced settings and turned down the red colour and ive also had to turn the brightness up all the way and turn on dark mode witch I don't like as I prefer the normal mode
I know what youll all say that I should contact the guy and get my money back the thing is is that I cant do that now as ive left it to long the phone is the orchaid grey one incase that information is useful to anyone I just hope that someone will be able to help me if you have anymore questions feel free to ask me


This issue is known to happen with some phones, needs a new screen. Apple had a pretty well known issues with some models that did this, and at one point I read a pretty in depth article about the cause where they actually examined the screen under a microscope.



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