Question Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus or Samsung Galaxy S10e???

Mar 20, 2019
Hello everyone! :)

I am trying to decide which phone to get out of these two. They both have 6gb ram, the s10e has a better CPU and GPU. However the S10e is smaller than the S9 plus, and the screen is a much lower resolution (FHD whereas the S9 Plus is 2K).
Despite the lower resolution however, the s10e features dynamic AMOLED, whereas the s9+ has Super AMOLED. Also, there is a concern that the S9+ will stop recieving major updates before the S10e. I am switching plans and they are both going for the same price/month with the same amount of data. I'm really struggling deciding between the two. The Note 9 is also the same price. Would that be better? Any answers will be greatly appreciated. Thanks! :D


As a rule of thumb, go for the newer device, if possible.

True, QHD display is better than FHD, but on a device as small as 6 inches, you probably won't be able to tell which is what. It also takes more power and may be that's why plus models also have a bigger battery.

Definitely, get Samsung S10e, it's newer, lighter, and supports 5G?

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 comes with an exclusive s pen and iris scanner with upto 512 GB storage, but s10e is definitely faster and easier to hold. So for most people, s10e should be the better choice.