Samsung HD103SJ click when starting


Nov 12, 2010
Hi, I heard before that if the hard drive is making click sounds its bad.
So I recently purchased Samsung HD103SJ its brand new and from its beginning its makeing a one click sound when im starting computer. Also its not makeing the click sound when im restarting ore at any point when its working, sound appears only when I start computer.
So is that normal ore should I be worried ?

I searched forums for answer but couldnt find anywhere where it said about the one click at the beginning at any forum, hopefully someone can help me here.


Dec 13, 2009
Don't worry it is normal. If it is a grinding sound and your operating system freezes then you worry. For now enjoy your new Samsung HD103SJ.


Apr 6, 2012
Hi cepumz,

I have this hdd to and i have the same problems.

This click I always determine if the harddrive stay in the sleep mode and get wake up. (Spin-up)
I make some test with the APM/AAM parameter from the disk.

1. AAM 80h / APM 01h
Disk always spin-down after some time. If you like use the computer they need to spin-up. Computer always freese and wait for the hdd a long time (terrible).
On the end of the spin-up the click from the hdd.

2. AAM C0h / APM 80h
Disk should not spin-down any more. (no stand by of hdd).
But I detected that the click i have before only by spin-up, I get always in very short cyles.
It seems the disk don't spin-down but only parking the head.
This always cause the click during wake up.

How ever this hdd is very oddly. I never have a disk like that.
I hope it's not damaging inside.

Firmware : 1AJ10001
Disk Size : 1000.2 GB (8.4/137.4/1000.2)
Buffer Size : 32767 KB
Queue Depth : 32
# of Sectors : 1953525168
Rotation Rate : 7200 RPM
Interface : Serial ATA
Major Version : ATA8-ACS
Minor Version : ATA8-ACS version 6
Transfer Mode : SATA/300
Power On Hours : 2128 Std.
Power On Count : 486 mal
Temparature : 29 C (84 F)
Features : S.M.A.R.T., APM, AAM, 48bit LBA, NCQ
APM Level : 0080h [ON]
AAM Level : FEC0h [ON]
C8 100 100 __0 000000000044 Write Error Rate

The smart parameter told there are some Write Errors,
and the hdd only have 2128 Std. uptime hours.

The other hdd I have are 10555 Std. uptime and have no errors.