Samsung Heats Up The Competition With Two New Leaked Exynos 7 Chips

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Sep 1, 2001
While I always preferred the Qualcomm powered Samsung devices for the community ROM support, it would be nice to have all models of the GS6 have the same CPU to make it easier to maintain custom ROMS. Just wish Samsung was better about releasing drivers and source to the community.


Sep 20, 2012
Samsung would buy NV before AMD. Why buy the loser in all tech when you can buy the gpu leader who could perhaps put you as the top soc leader with your cat10 modems and fabs? Not to mention you then are the desktop discrete leader, solves your lawsuit, workstation leader etc, no need for apple if you're pumping out fat 500-600mm^2 discrete gpus either. No reason to buy AMD, every reason to buy NV. Not sure they'd even get x86 lic if they purchase AMD which would REALLY make the whole thing pointless (if not transferable, who knows what is in Intel/AMD agreements). Why would you ever buy the one getting squashed on all fronts (cpu, gpu, socs if you can call AMD's stuff socs yet)?

NV is the company to buy for all now, AMD is not. I'm talking Samsung, Google, Intel, Apple or maybe Amazon here (probably not AMZN). Best fit at samsung/intel as both have fabs/modems and Intel is losing 4B in mobile a year. That ends with 14/10nm NV socs pumped out of Intel fabs. But probably FAR too much ego and anger between them to get it done unfortunately and that sucks. I'd rather see American's win than Koreans here (I'm sure Korean's say the exact opposite...LOL).
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