News Samsung Launches Curved 55-Inch Odyssey Ark Gaming Monitor at $3,499


Oct 14, 2017
I didn't get it .. it's just a curved 55" tv, but priced at $3 grands 🤷 nice try. gimme a 240hz ultra wide oled then we talk about grands mate


Jul 15, 2011
I like it, but the curve is wrong, its more than 100% off what it should be for a display of this size.

There is a direct correlation between viewing distance and screen size, more specifically, for "detailed" viewing Image(height) should be Viewing(distance)/3. If the screen is bigger than this your eye cannot see the whole image at once and it results in strain and fatigue; if smaller than this you run the risk of not viewing fine details.

A 55" display has a I(h) of 26.96", which makes the optimum viewing distance 80.88", or 2054mm (2054R).

With the 55" having a 1000R curve your Viewing(distance), well, needs to be 1000mm or 39.37". If you figure the math on this, the screen height would be 13.12" which works out perfectly for a 27" 16:9, 34" 21:9, and 49" 32:9 monitor(s). Not sitting at the proper distance again means eye fatique, but even worse, you get an off-angle view of the display, and for a VA panel this is very bad!

If you are the type of person who likes to sit in the front row at the movie theater, this display is for you!
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