News Samsung Launches PM1733 PCIe 4.0 SSD: Up To 8 GB/s and 30TB


One of the Samsung PM1733 U.2's attributes is the support for the dual-port technology, meaning the drive is accessible by two different systems simultaneously.

First, I thought this might be some confusion with the dual-links involved in SATA-Express.

But, it seems that dual-port NVMe really does involve bifurcating the x4 link into 2 x2 links, each of which can be connected to a separate controller. This isn't a terribly good explanation, but seems to confirm that dual-port is really a feature aimed at high-availability & fault-tolerance:

It's a weird feature, because you generally cannot connect a drive to multiple hosts for the simple purpose of data-sharing. I've heard of people doing this decades ago, using SCSI drives, but filesystems and the host I/O subsystems of the day were much simpler.