Question Samsung Lc27hg70 strange colour banding/gradient sometimes at boot up


Oct 2, 2011

I've had my new computer since about July last year and I got a new monitor to go with it, which was as the title suggests a Samsung Lc27hg70.

For the most part I've had no problems related to the monitor and this issue is incredibly rare I think in the entire time I've had it it's done it maybe 3 or 4 times.

The issues only accures when booting the pc up. Sometimes the colours will be odd...either discolouration in certain areas like the shadows on a face will be blocky green or colour gradients that look like a 16 bit monitor or like someone wearing a metallic satin suit where you can see the break between grades of colour. If I take a screen shot and paste it in paint all the 'glitches' will be there though smaller but if I send that screenshot to someone via email or chat or whatever it'll look normal to them.

Turning the monitor off and back on gets rid of it and I won't see it again for months butttttt it's annoying me and searching online has yielded nothing so I thought I'd ask on here if anyone has had a similar issue?, has a solution for this issue? Or thinks it's no big deal and I should just shut up :p

Anyway thank you for any help.