Question Samsung M7 Series 43” LS43BM700UUXUF - why so cheap?


Dec 28, 2016
I've recently moved to Turkey and I'm seeing these Samsung M7 Series 43” LS43BM700UUXUF monitors for$360 (6765₺).

Basically, I'm asking why are they so cheap? They are way cheaper than what I thought a 43" 4K display is supposed to cost, way cheaper than Samsung's own 32" monitors etc.
It could be because they are at 60hz only. Also no GSYNC/FreeSync from what I saw. Most high end monitors like that come at 144Hz and ultra low latency on top of GSYNC/FreeSync. Doesn't explain why the 43" is cheaper than the 32" one. I looked at both their specs, they're exactly the same aside from a size difference. I found a comparison article which compares it to an industry leading display:
Samsung 43 QN90B QLED vs Samsung Smart Monitor M7 S43BM70 Side-by-Side Monitor Comparison -