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Question Samsung Magician over provisioning set-up stuck


Dec 15, 2018

I installed Samsung Magician and by default the over provisioning was set to 10%. I clicked on "run over provisioning" expecting to allocate more space and after a short run (with a message "over provision is running. please do not perform other tasks while work in progress") I faced this screen with greyed out percentage and set button. Basically I can't set OP any more. What's even more confusing is that free space on the disk is actually the same, as if nothing has changed.

I'm confused about this. I've read the SSDs are already shipped their with 7% capacity reserved for OP which is hidden from view, even in the Samsung SSD Magician. True?
Assuming I set OP to 0 and there still is a free space, is that free space gonna be used as OP or not?
Delete recovery partition from Disk 0 (use diskpart for this, Disk Management will not allow it).
Then shrink C: by 10GB and leave it unallocated.

Overprovisioning in Samsung Magician essentially does the same thing. Recovery partition at the end of the drive is preventing it from functioning normally.