Question Samsung monitor display turning off and on randomly during gaming

May 21, 2019
Hello Guys,

I have been reading these forums for ages but just opened an account because this is the first time I cannot diagnose the issue I am having even with all the questions already posted.

The problem started after I upgraded my pc.
Previous Config -----
A8 - 6600k Precessor
MSI A88xm E-35 Mobo
RX 580 8 gb
ddr3 ram 8 gb
450 watt psu
Monitor 1 - Samsung 24 inch 144 hz 1 ms response time
Monitor 2 - Samsung 24 inch 60 hz 4 ms response time

New Config ----
Ryzen 7 2700x processor
Asus RoG Strix B450 F Gaming
ddr4 ram 16 gb
650 watt PSU
Rest Same

Now, I always play games on my 144 hz monitor. After I upgraded my system while playing high gfx games (dota 2, battlefield 1.. does not happen with counter strike) my main monitor will suddenly turn black and then turn on. It will show that the connection is from displayport and then things will be normal. Happens once every 15-20 min. I kept HWmonitor open on my other monitor but did not notice any spike in any values when the blackout happens. I am guessing that it is the signal and not power because if power trips monitor will take much more time to restart. Should I try a new displayport cable? or is my gfx card dying? What can cause this issue guys?

Also worth mentioning even though I do no think that i is a power issue. The two Monitor, router, 2.1 speakers and pc is connected to 1100 APC UPS...

Please help me debug this issue..

Many thanks..


A system depends not just on wattage but the quality of the PSU you're using. Please state the make and model of both PSU's for your system's in order for us to gauge the quality of the unit. With your system upgrades, did you reinstall the OS alongside all relevant drivers?

Was there any reason why you got more wattage on the PSU during the upgrade?


As Lutfi asked, your PSU details are very important and are needed. Cheap PSU can cause all sorts of problems
Have you downloaded the drivers for your monitor?
Do you see the monitors in your device manager? if so maybe delete them and it will update again
Did you reinstall windows FRESH?
May 21, 2019
Hello guys..

My old psu was Corsair VS 450
New PSU is Corsair CX 650

btw I found its graphics card problem..

This problem has been documented for XFX RX 580 cards.. I found this thread -

I did the changes mentioned in the thread in wattman and then played battlefield 1 for 30 min.. The problem was most promounced in battlefield 1 where it used to happen every 5 min or so but till now has not hapenned even once in 30 min.. keeping my fingers crossed. going to sleep.. Will keep you guys posted.
May 21, 2019
Ok guys update..

Issue is completely fixed now. Fully and thoroughly tested .. What I did..

  • Pushed power limit up to 50%
  • Voltage manual - Last 3 frequencies make it 1137
  • Zero RPM off - Very Important
That's all...