Question Samsung monitor LED horizontal flickering! Most likely faulty Samsung plug!

Aug 28, 2020
Samsung Monitor

Above is the link to the monitor that i am having trouble with. When i first bought it and plugged it in a week ago there were horizontal lines a third of the screen wide and just one pixel in height with some other weird screen flickers. I looke dup how to fix it and people were mostly saying its to do with a loose cable, i unplugged my plug and plugged it back in and it was back to normal. A few hours later i needed to switch over to my 240hz monitor to play an FPS game with my friends, after my session I went into display settings and re-enabled my samsung monitor and the flickering was back, I unplugged the cables to it and kept plugging them back in about 6 times over and it suddenly started working again, ive done this a couple times and since it takes about 10 minutes of getting under my desk and back up again I decided instead to just leave my computer on so the flickering wouldnt happen again. Today I needed to updated windows so i had to restart my computer and of course that meant that the screen started flickering again.

So.... this is what ive done, ive uninstalled my display driver, taken my graphics card out and put it back in, i've tried using a display port instead of hdmi and that didn't stop the flickering and ive tried changing the resolution, refresh rate, brightness and every single other thing and nothing has stopped the flickering... BUT just now i decided that instead of putting the plug fully into my socket i would instead put it only enough for the monitor to turn on (theres about a centimetre or two gap between the plug and the socket) and the monitor is now working perfectly... I have yet to try and do this again out of fear of messing up the monitor that i just spent hours trying to fix. (I will update when i try replicate this tomorrow)

My other monitors are completely fine with no flickering so it cant be my graphics card but just incase my specs are: i9-9900k processor, RTX 2080-ti graphics card, 64gb vengeance DDR4 RAM and an ASUS prime Z-390 A motherboard.

Btw i tried plugging the monitor into the motherboard and flickering still occcured, it 100% has to be the plug im guessing? and if so should i return the whole monitor or just get a new samsung plug?

EDIT: it doesnt work perfectly, every few minutes ill get one or two horizontal line flickers but that is so much better than what it usually is like. ALSO these lines are white, when i have the bad flickering i can also have the taskbar kind of jumping and i can see green light as well
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