Question Samsung Odessy G9 49 inch Monitor will only work via HDMI and not DisplayPort ?

Mar 15, 2021
I recently just purchased the beautiful Samsung G9 49 in gaming monitor. Once I unboxed it, I connected to my Laptop which has a Ryzen 9 and Nvidia RTX 2070. Unfortunately my laptop does not have a DisplayPort so I purchased a USB-C to displayport cable. The screen came on but was flickering and resizing, and would lose connection every so often.

I tried the other port in the monitor and on my laptop and still the same issue. I also tried another usb-c to displayport cable that also didn’t change anything. Once I tried HDMI it worked perfectly! Except that I can only use 60 out of the 240hz that this monitor can offer when using a DP cable along with Gsync.

I'm not sure whats going on and if maybe it's the usb-c to display-port?
Could the cable not be of high enough quality?
Is the usb-c not allowing this to work?

I can't imagine the monitor is broken, it works perfectly and is brand new. Is there some software or driver I should have installed?

Anything helps...
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