Question Samsung Odyssey G7 new purchase


Dec 3, 2017
I just upgraded from my 1080p 144hz Asus vg248qe to a Samsung Odyssey G7.

I have no idea what to expect. I had this Asus monitor from the very beginning when I built my very first PC years ago. I do plan on upgrading my GPU in the later days once the prices come back down or is easier to obtain.

I have heard and reviewed that this monitor is on of the top-rated if not best monitor to have as a 1440p monitor. Also, the VA is also beneficial because I mostly play in dark-lit rooms so it'll be better than a IPS I assume? However, the 1000R Curve is going to be a scary part. I do hope it's something I can take a liking too. Coming from a flat panel for years of course.

I have a few questions. Once I get the monitor, update the firmware. Are there any "Recommended" settings I can do? I also like to know if its recommended or normal to use the HDR while just having the monitor run normally? (Being on the desktop, browsing the interwebs, etc).

Lastly, any settings I should turn off? turn on? Any suggestions are helpful and much appreciated. I'd like to do as much as I can to get the best out of it once it arrives. So I can hopefully give it a few days and see if I like it or not. xp.

Thanks <3