Question Samsung Phone Stuck on Custom OS Download

Mar 19, 2020
Hi eveyone, newbie here at Tom's Hardware.

As I mentioned above my phone is the Galaxy Grand Prime which is a very old phone by today's standards but it's all I have and can afford at the moment. It only has 8gb of space which 4gb is taken up with the preinstalled phone stuff. :(

My my phone was stuck at the T-Mobile logo and wouldn't go any further. I read on various websites that it was probably some piece of software that caused this issue . I read about how to boot into boot screen and I did and how to use the volume button to scroll up and down. I was attempting to reset the phone but evidently I must have clicked on download a custom OS by mistake and now when I attempt to go back to the boot section I am unable to do so and instead when I click the button sequence to take me to the boot screen I'm taken back to the "Download Custom OS" screen again.

i read some articles online about some piece of software called Odin that's supposed to help but since I haven't a clue I don't want to make things worse...if that's possible considering the current situation.

Is there a fix for my phone problem or am I out of luck???

Any help will be greatly appreciated.