Question Samsung QVO Mac Pro 5.1 incompatibility

Aug 4, 2020
I'm having a strange issue with some Samsung QVO 1TB drives and some Mac Pros where the drive disappears off the sata bus when the machine is restarted and only appears when the machine is powered off and on (again) . I've tried about 5 different Samsung drives in 4 different Mac Pros and they all exhibit this same issue. Samsungs solution is to return the drives for replacement but my gut is telling me there is an issue with the drives and the Mac Pro and the replacement drives will also be a problem. It feels like a firmware issue, but the drives are running the latest firmware, I'm also worried that if the existing Samsung drives in the machine get a firmware update they might stop working too. I've tried other Samsung drives EVO and PRO without any issue. I haven't tested any other model QVO drive.

Has anyone else encountered problems with these drives? Or problems with drives not working in a Mac Pro?