Samsung RC510 - Upgrade Options


Dec 4, 2011
Afternoon Bored!

I purchased a Samsung RC510 about 6 months, it does (normally) what I want it to do, however when I try and run Civ 5, it is pretty jumpy after 10minutes. Looking at the specs I bought, there is no way it should be struggling, however it does.

There are 3 different models on the RC510, I don't know which one it is (but they are all similar specced);

I have figured, it's either the RAM or the Graphics card (or both, or none!)

I have 4 GB in already (204pin DDR3, 10600s). There is a slot for another one (machine can accept a mximum of 8 GB - in 64bit mode). RAM is relatively inexpensive, so I don't mind giving that a bash if the general consensus is that it would make noticeable difference. (I'm starting to edit photos I've been taking as a bit of a hobby and I guess it might help for that if not for Cig 5).

The alternative is that it may be the Graphics Card. It came with the Nvidia GeForce 315M, which appears to be a chip on the motherboard (i'm a little out of touch, I used to understand this stuff a bit better when I was younger). Googling this graphics card, indicates that it probably isn't the best in class... Is it possible to just pull out that graphics card? And if it is as easy as swapping it out, what would you suggest as a replacement?

Bear in mind I am out in Abu Dhabi, where contrary to popular belief, electronics aren't really that cheap after you stop looking at TVs. I only bought this in April and would loath to have to replace it already, so if there are some inexpensive upgrades, I'm happy to try it.

The other idea that crossed my mind was overclocking the CPU, anyone know of a foolproof guide on how to do this, since everywhere I have googled mentions words or functions I have to google to find out what they mean. I did find the setting on boot-up where I should be able to change details, but even there I don't know what I'm doing! FYI, the processor I have is Intel Core i3-380M 2.53mhz.

Hoping for some help!

(1) UNLESS the Laptop came with a utility to OC, Scrape OCing the CPU - It's a laptop with very LIMITED bios. Also the HSF for the CPU probably could not compensate for the added Heat.
(2) Not sure, but most laptops (there are some exception) have a "soldered in" GPU chip.
(3) Yes, I would add the 2nd Ram module. With only one module you are running in single channel mode. I Have the Samsung RF711-s01 Laptop which also came with a single Ram module. After adding the 2nd module the memory WEI score jumped from 4.x to 7.4 - Not sure how this translates to real life (WEI is a poor benchmark tool).

On Mine I upgraded the HDD to a SSD - Improved Boot time and program loads - does nothing for ingame performance.