Samsung SM951 PCIe M.2 512GB SSD Review

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Nov 6, 2009
indeed, if you want to see how I did it, check this out. My RAMdisk image is a little over 300k large, loads at boot as a 4GB image (it is compressed to only 300k making for a ridiculously fast boot), and my temp files, web cache, windows cache, etc all point to it making for a wicked fast PC. Win7 index experience reports 7.7 7.8 7.9 7.9 7.9 (out of a 7.9 max possible scoring) for processor, memory, graphics, gaming perf, and primary HDD performance.

it is so much fun :)


Jun 18, 2014

Since Primo has a dynamic variable adjustment for the amount used, I normally set it up the maximum to at least half my ram and it only uses what it needs. My saved image tends to vary a lot in size depending what I have in the ramdisk. My gaming PC with 32GB has whole games + some game saves, etc load onto it (the games are starting to get to big now, so 64 to 128GB ram would be handy). I am not so much worried about how fast the PC starts, but how fast the game loads, new maps, etc. My HTPC (intel NUC i3) has it for all temp files and similar Since the NUC is on most of the time, I also use ramdisk for music, photo, and video editing files (unless it is a big job which goes to the gaming PC), because it is fast and handy for sharing and emails.
I have been playing with computers since there were those horrible punch cards and even a few years back, ramdisk was still used. Nowadays I do not understand; if people want speed, why have so many forgotten ramdisk programs. Plus I keep seeing comments about how having more than 8GB ram is a waste of money, but I think they have never used a ramdisk program. Especially now that you can get very large amounts of very fast ram. Ramdisk speed still leaves any physical storage drives in their dust, and at the same time less heat, power use and wear & tear..
Love to see someone do some ramdisk figures for the new high speed quad channel DDR4 ram to compare to dual channel DDR3.
Great description for setting up a ramdisk (from the link in your comment), should give even newbies the confidence to try it.

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