[SOLVED] Samsung Smart TV keeps going black

Jun 8, 2020
My System
• Windows 10 Home
• 32GB ram
• GTX 1050 ti GPU
• 2 monitors (Asus 22" VX228) (Samsung 43"Smart TV TU7 )

I am having a problem with only one of my two monitors, the Samsung 43"Smart TV TU7.
Periodically, at least a few times a day, the Samsung monitor(Samsung 43"Smart TV TU7 ) goes black. It doesn't turn off. It just goes black.
I tried different high-quality new cables. No good.

The workaround I came up with works constantly to make the monitor display properly.
I disconnect the HDMI cable from the GPU then reconnect it.
Then I simply press the "Return" button on the remote and the picture comes back on.

No problem with the other monitor, Asus 22" VX228, that is also connected to an HMDI port on the GTX 1050 ti.

Thank You for any comments