Samsung spinpoint 1TB Hard drive failure


Jun 10, 2012
Hi All,

My computer (Working on Win 7 64 bit) was working fine in last night when I closed everything down. In the morning when I booted the PC there was a disk read error message on a black screen. So fearing a total data loss I removed the hard and fixed it as slave on my older PC running XP. The drive was recognized and some of the partitions (The most important ones) were working, sometimes very slowly. Others just gave a pop up to format the partition when double clicked.

So I backed up all the important stuff and tried to format the partitions that weren't working to see if I can get them in working order. That just gave a box saying format couldn't be completed dialog. Then I tried the disk management. That too gave an error message saying unable to format with a red cross.

Then the whole system crashed and I rebooted. At the reboot a check disk was run on two of the partitions and quite a few bad sectors were found and some repairs were done. Afterwards I ran the ES Tool in dos mode to see if there is any hope for the hard drive which failed all the tests in the diagnostic testing.

I just want to know if there is any other options I could exhaust before replacing the drive?



Well, my spinpoint 500GB recently had a physical failure. Stuck it in the freezer for a few nights and it worked for a half hour before I probably could have kept going. I did this just to see, because my data is all backed up anyway.