Question Samsung SyncMaster 901N monitor stopped working ?


Nov 27, 2019
Hi there!

So, a while back I was looking to get a 2nd monitor but found an old Samsung SyncMaster 901N lying around my house and thought it'd fit the purpose I'd be using it for. And it did, for a few months at least. I used it without any problem and actually found it better that I thought it'd be. After some time however, and pretty much out of the blue, it just stopped working.
I tried to change the power cord I was using, without much success, but noticed that the power light would turn on for a few seconds after plugging the monitor in, quickly turning off again, with the screen flashing for a brief second. Whenever I remove or insert the power chord, it appears to get power and shows that light for an instant, dying again immediately after that.

Seems like some sort of power supply issue but honestly I don't know too much about this so I'm just clueless. Does anyone have any idea what it might be and whether it's fixable or not or should I just not bother trying to fix it and retire the poor guy?

Thanks in advance!