Review Samsung T7 Touch Portable SSD Review: Sleek, Secure Pocketable Storage

May 13, 2020
  • Faster than the T5 for large writes.
  • Thinner than the T5
  • Slower than the T5 for 4k writes (scratch disk work)
  • Longer than the T5
  • Cables don't have the 10cent Velcro ties of the T5. Not road warrior friendly.
  • 16 character maximum Master Password
  • Only AES256, (no custom options). Not FIPS 140-2 rated.
  • No cut and paste password, thus no password manager passwords. Just try remembering any master password over n years. Which brings me to the next one.
  • No easy password factory reset, reset requires putting hard to read characters (the PSID) into a hard to get piece of software (Australian Tech Support didn't know it existed)
  • No Linux support for settings changes.

Overall 2/5