Samsung TV as PC Monitor Fullscreen Gaming Problem


Jan 21, 2018
I have been using a 4K Samsung TV as my PC Monitor for a year now and while it has been working mostly fine there are problems concerning playing games on Fullscreen. I have an AMD RX 480 4GB and my TV is set to Game Mode, which is a necessity.
The problem I have is when playing at Fullscreen with any game often it happens that my screen goes black for a couple seconds, which is fine, but then never returns to the picture again and I have to restart my PC. This is not a problem with Borderless Mode. It can also happen that my screen resolution turns to 1080p maximum, meaning that in the display settings above 1080p don't exist/aren't selectable anymore so in that case I also have to restart my PC again.
In fact anytime I change maybe the resolution or even the refresh rate that can possibly happen.

It could just be that TV aren't the best pc monitors but a friend of mine also uses one, though his was more expensive, and doesn't seem to have problems.

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